Are you interested in becoming an SDL Dove and bringing SDL to your campus?

Commitment plays a major role in sorority membership. Sigma Delta Lambda doves are committed to making a difference in the community and helping one another succeed during and after collegiate life.  Sigma Delta Lambda is not just a sorority, it is a home away from home. We are a strong sisterhood of collegiate and alumnae women who strongly abide by the sorority’s pillars: Education, Loyalty and Pride.
By bringing SDL to your campus you are creating opportunities for future doves to build lifelong friendships and develop unforgettable memories.

Expansion Process:

The process for expansion of Sigma Delta Lambda is a multilevel program designed to educate and prepare young college affiliates into an effective chapter of Sigma Delta Lambda. Sigma Delta Lambda has established several criteria for each step of the chartering process.
The levels are as follows:

  • Interest Group
  • Colony
  • Chapter

Contact the Coordinator of Expansion to get more information on how to get started: expansion@sigmadeltalambda.com.