Expectations for Members

Academic Excellence
Members must maintain a strong GPA in order to be an active member of Sigma Delta Lambda. The sorority takes academics seriously and provides support for its members. When a member’s GPA falls below the sorority requirement additional support is provided.

Financial Obligation
All members must pay sorority dues. Additional out of pocket expenses may be required for special events. Sorority dues go toward the maintenance and operation of the sorority. Members are expected to pay chapter dues in a timely manner, and all collegiate entities are required to pay dues to the Executive Council.

Risk Reduction Policy
The Sigma Delta Lambda Risk Reduction Policy provides members with knowledge, guidelines, and support necessary to make responsible and mature decisions regarding issues that they could face during their collegiate years, i.e.  alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse or harassment, participating and/or condoning hazing at any level, and providing safe environments. All members are expected to abide by Sigma Delta Lambda’s Risk Reduction policies.

Commitment to the Sorority
Joining Sigma Delta Lambda is a lifelong commitment. Long after graduation members build friendships, provide community outreach, and mentor young collegiate women. Participation in the Alumnae Association and in the Executive Council is highly encouraged.

Commitment to Greek Life and the University
Collegiate members must understand that their actions are not only a reflection of themselves but of the sorority, Greek community, and the university. For this reason, collegiate members are expected to promote unity and welfare of the Greek community by respecting and supporting all other sororities and fraternities in their respective campus. In addition, SDL members must represent themselves as ambassadors of the university with the upmost integrity.

Expectations for Collegiate Entities

Promotion of Diversity
Sigma Delta Lambda values diversity and believes in an environment of inclusiveness. All SDL members are expected to respect the dignity of all people, regardless or race, sex, nationality, sexual identity, religious beliefs, disability, or financial status.

Promotion of Leadership
Collegiate entities are expected to foster a culture of care and leadership for all their members. Throughout their collegiate years, members will be given ample leadership opportunities within the sorority, and outside the sorority. It is Sigma Delta Lambda’s goal to help develop its members into well rounded women, successful professionals, and productive members of society.

Failure to abide by the above expectations

The above expectations for collegiate members and entities are highly enforced. If a member or collegiate entity fails to abide by the above expectations, the member or collegiate entity must go through the judicial system. This will ensure that immediate action is taken to rectify any behavior that does not represent SDL in a positive manner.

Sigma Delta Lambda Judicial System
Sigma Delta Lambda takes deliberate steps to develop well rounded women. When a member does not adhere to the policies and procedures of the sorority they are held accountable for their actions through the Sigma Delta Lambda Judicial System. Education, due process, and a bias-free environment are at the core of the system.