Benefits of Greek Affiliation

The benefits of being in a sorority are endless. Some of the benefits are:

Sisterhood – Attending a big university can be intimidating, by being part of a sorority your daughter will have an easier time making friends within a smaller community of collegiate women with similar interests and goals

Academic achievement The Greek Life community is highly encouraged to develop academic excellence among its members. SDL prides itself in having collegiate entities that place high in overall chapter GPAs

Philanthropic Involvement Members are very much involved with SDL’s philanthropy At-Risk Youth. By becoming involved with At-Risk Youth, SDL members are ensuring that kids are informed about the possibility of college

Leadership development Each year the Executive Council hosts the SDL Collegiate Conference. During this event members are provided with a multitude of resources, and attend various workshops that help them become leaders on campus

Responsibilities & time management In addition to leadership development, members are given ample opportunities to take on officer chairs. Officers are typically given the responsibilities of  budget management, general administrative duties, and coordination and implementation of events; which allows members to gain the necessary skills needed by future professionals

Career Networking By being part of a sorority, your daughter will have access to a built-in resource of upper level collegiate women and alumnae that will help them with questions regarding resources, college life, and advice on selecting majors and professions

Involvement with university and community College life can at time be very demanding. Greek life provides members with a safe avenue to release some stress. Members attend social events coordinated by the university, participation in intramurals, Greek tournaments, Homecoming Week, and events such as Dove Love gatherings, Ladies Dinner and Formals